Clay Cressler


Academic background

Coleman Postdoctoral Fellowship, 11/2014-

Postdoctoral researcher, 11/2013/-11/2014

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biology, 11/2011-11/2013

SARC Postdoctoral Fellow, 12/2010-11/2011

Ph.D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan, 2011

B.S. Mathematics, Hope College, 2003


I am an occasional blogger and tweeter (twitterer?) about science, math, R, and whatever else happens to strike my interest. See my personal website for more details about my research.


Current Research Projects

Sick_daphniaEnergetics and disease in Daphnia magna

I came to Queen’s to develop a tractable experimental system for exploring the interaction between energetics and disease. The Daphnia magna-Pasteuria ramosa host-parasite system is ideal for this research, as infection causes dramatic alterations of host growth and reproduction, and the parasite population can comprise a significant fraction of the host biomass. I am currently focused on disentangling the interactions among resource acquisition and allocation, parasite within-host growth, and the host immune response to understand the relative influence on each on infection outcome.