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This primer provides a very gentle and minimalist starting point for data entry, plotting and simple stats in the R software environment. It was designed for second year biology students at Queen’s University, and includes self-assessments and videos created by teaching assistants. Feel free to use, modify or distribute the files for non-profit teaching purposes. If you end up using it, I’d love to hear about it! Use the comment box below to tell me about the course it was used for, the institute, and any feedback on ways to improve resources.


Tutorial Primer

Primer: Introduction to R tutorial manual

Additional materials: Chapter 1 

Self Assessment: Tutorial 1-self assessment

R-code: Tutorial 1-R code for self assessment


Additional materials: Chapter 2

Self Assessment: Tutorial 2-Self Assessment

Note on bar charts: Tutorial 2-note on barplots

R-code: Tutorial 2-RCode


Additional materials: Chapter 3

Self Assessment: Tutorial 3-self assessment

Data: daphnia

R-code: Tutorial 3-R code


Additional materials: Chapter 4

Self Assessment: Tutorial 4_Self Assessment

Data: FarmcarsELA_AnnualTemp



Additional materials: Chapter 5/6

Self Assessment: Tutorial 5-6-self assessment

Data: KISS1

R-code: Tutorial 5-6 _R Code



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