Current Collaborators


Dr. Ottar Bjornstad (Penn State) Stage-structured insect dynamics; time-series analysis of structured populations.

Dr. Takehiko Yamanaka (National Research Institute of Japan) Stage-structured insect dynamics in the tea tortrix moth.

Dr. Andrew Read (Penn State) Statistical methods to estimate selection in mouse malaria systems.

Dr. Nicole Mideo (University of Toronto) Within-host models of malaria selection from resource competition

Dr. Steve Lougheed (Queen’s University) Contribution of direct versus indirect ecological interactions on trait evolution

Dr. Shelley Arnott (Queen’s University) Zooplankton community dynamics; Connecting daphnia life-history to ecosystem secondary productivity.

Dr. Chris Moyes (Queen’s University) Development of qPCR methods to follow densities of the obligate pathogen Pasteuria ramosa.

Dr. Ed McCauley (University of Calgary) Stage-structured zooplankton dynamics; dynamic energy budget models.