Lugol’s solution recipe [pdf]



2014-04-29 15.47.38The FlowCam is an imaging flow cytometer that can be used to count and size phytoplankton and zooplankton in samples. Here’s our protocol for running algal samples. [pdf]


Algae counting

It’s time consuming, but it works! Here’s the hand tally algal counting methods. [pdf]


2014-04-30 22.23.14Migration robot (Arduino project)

We have officially gone digital in terms of building our own equipment! One of our current projects needs an automated device to raise and lower a zooplankton microcosm over the water column on a daily basis. Moreover, we want to be able to manipulate the depth and amplitude of the diel migration that the microcosm experiences. Enter our first Arduino project. Using a 1/4 servo converted for continuous rotation, a hall sensor for positioning, and logic controlled using a UNO Arduino board, we have made the “Migration Robot”. It lowers and raises microcosms on any cycle frequency, and importantly can maintain it’s depth position even in the face of unexpected forces on the line. The image is of the prototype–click on the header to see the code, schematics and more pics.


RlogoR tutorials

Do you want to learn the very basics of how to get R up and running? This primer provides a gentle and minimalist starting point for data entry, plotting and simple stats in the R software environment. It was designed for 2nd year biology students at Queen’s University, and includes self-assessments and videos.



…more to come shortly!